Monday, January 25, 2016

Chronic Pain Advocates: 3 Reasons Why You need To Have One In Your Corner

I have been a chronic pain patient for almost 7 years, and Chronic Pain Advocate for six of those years. I know the frustrations this entails all too well. As a student in the Coursera/Northwestern University Social Media Marketing Specialization Certification course, I have found two articles highlighting the importance of Advocates.

In this first article, TheRise of The Private Patient Advocate, by RyanO'Reilly, Mike Tierney, Andrew Remfry & Jeremy Petch discuss a chronic back pain patient named Maureen. Maureen had slipped through the cracks of the medical system and her pain had gone undiagnosed. After hiring a Private Pain Advocate, her Advocate carefully combed through her records and recommended she have an MRI. That MRI revealed the source of her ongoing pain issues.

In this second article, How an Independent Patientor Health Advocate Can Help You,  TrishaTorrey Director of the  Alliance of Professional Health Advocatesoutlines a long list of potential benefits a Private Patient Advocate could be of to you. This list includes things such as assisting you with appointments and medicines, making tough decisions, learning more about your diagnosis, making accommodations in your home, caregiver support, supplements, and navigating your way through the insurance maze.
Drawing on what I have learned from these two articles, my own experiences as a pain patient, and as a Chronic Pain Advocate, I recommend you secure a Chronic Pain Advocate in your life for the following reasons:

·         SIMPLIFY- Advocates help you simplify by organizing your appointments, records, and medications

·         LISTEN- Advocates not only listen to YOU, but they takes notes at your appointments and pick up on things you may miss, also asking the tough questions.

·         UNBIASED- Your advocate does not profit from selling you more tests, treatments, or devices. They are looking out for your best interest!

Starting today, take control of your own health plan and contact a chronic plan advocate to assist you!

My name is Gracie Bagosy-Young and I am currently taking the SocialMedia Marketing Specialization class at Northwestern University through Coursera.  I am an International Chronic Pain Advocate and am exceptionally passionate about patient’s rights. Please visit me at or you can find me on twitter @GracieBagosy. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook at GracieGean Chronic Pain Advocacy & Consulting.